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Explore a wide range of technology services tailored for your business. Our offerings include robust security solutions, networking services, structured cabling, communication systems, and audio solutions. With nearly 40 years of experience, we pride ourselves on delivering custom solutions to simplify daily operations.

Security Technology

Secure your premises with Comtek’s advanced security technology services. As a BICSI Tech Certified and ESA Member, we bring expertise in integrated access control (ICT), Hanwha Vision, and OpenEye camera solutions, ensuring the highest standards in security technology.

Network Services

Comtek offers top-notch network services, including access points, wireless devices, smart hands for remote support, point-to-point connectivity, and extending carrier services to CPE. Our expert team ensures seamless installation and reliable network performance.

Structured Cabling

Trust us for all your structured cabling needs including voice, data, office network, and fiber optic installation. We also offer data closet cleanup, troubleshooting, testing, and verification. Our comprehensive services ensure a robust and organized network infrastructure.

Phone Systems

Refine your business communication with our advanced phone systems. From reliable traditional options to cutting-edge solutions, we customize installations and maintenance for a seamless connection.

Audio Solutions

Upgrade your business acoustics with Comtek’s audio solutions. With clear overhead music, efficient sound masking, and paging, we’ve got your commercial sound needs covered.

Safeguard Your Success

In today’s business environment, security plays a crucial role in safeguarding assets, people, and sensitive information. Comtek specializes in security solutions, offering advanced surveillance and access control systems tailored to fortify your enterprise against potential threats.

Our surveillance technology acts as a vigilant guardian, deterring incidents and enabling swift responses, while access control provides you with the tools to regulate and monitor entry, promoting overall safety.

Investing in Comtek’s security solutions ensures a secure environment, enhancing productivity and tranquility. We prioritize cutting-edge technology to address evolving security challenges effectively.

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Why Choose Comtek

Balancing the priorities between your business’s communication system and security measures is crucial. The configuration of your communication system plays a pivotal role in shaping the initial impression for your customers, boosting customer service, and contributing to a polished and professional image.

At Comtek, we excel in delivering comprehensive solutions for both communication and security needs. Leading in sales, service, support, and maintenance, our commitment extends to a wide range of services, covering business communication systems, security, structured cabling & low voltage, audio, and network services & installation.

Guided by a commitment to honesty and closely aligned with your goals, needs, and budget, we strive to maintain the highest service standards and customer loyalty. Choose Comtek as your versatile partner in both communication and security, ensuring you receive top-notch technology with unmatched service and support. Customer satisfaction isn’t merely a goal; it’s our primary focus.

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